Sat. Nov 26th, 2022

In recent chapter of one piece 1038, we see something we never even thought of. ODA sensei was on his break last week as we know. Last chapter we learned about Zunesha reaching towards Wano. And about this legend devil fruit, which even the gorosei (five elders) had not much clue about. The chapter ended with an cliff hanger as it usually does i.e classic oda style.

In this chapter we were expecting fight between raizo vs fukurokuju to end but it seems like oda wants to have some more fun with it. As we go we see , something we could never expect. Zoro is seen lying down not being able to move and next thing we see is grim reaper.

Many theories have been put front regarding how in the world did grim reaper even appear. But all we can do is wait for the next chapter but until then as we all do, keep on brining the theories .

LAW & KID vs The EmpressBIG MOM

As we all were hooked on Luffy vs Kaido there was another battle going on between yonko and the new generation.

We saw Big Mom totally knock out law and kid so bad that their crewmate start begging for mercy. But its not a game, its a battle. Big mom end crewmate’s chitter chatter with just a single attack. As she was approaching towards the rooftop to see Kaido. Law uses his awakening again in such a condition and his sword totally passes through the empress herself.

We really dont know about the magnitude of damage it did to Big mom but was good enough to stop her from reaching roof top . Same with kid, he is the one with the most reasons to fight big mom and kaido. He gets up even in such a bad physical state, he gives his all out and destroys big mom.

Kid destorys Big mom

I think so do we all one piece community do, Kid and Law are start to become one of the straw hats. They believe in luffy. They believe luffy is the one to beat Kaido and for that to happen they have to stop big mom anyhow. So they are even ready to put their life in line to stop big Mom. Its an all out war.

There is no break next week so we will be getting a new chapter. As prediction goes, it might contain luffy vs kaido or orochi but fight between raizo vs fukurokuju has to come to an end.

Aasharya Bhandari,Butwal

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